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Our physiotherapists are all HPC and CSP registered with vast experience of treating many conditions. They may be able to help you with back pain, sports injuries, chronic conditions and much more.
Osteopathy may help you to get back to work or sport & reduce any aches or pains you suffer from. Osteopaths are trained to diagnose medical conditions and use a range of techniques to assist the body with its healing and repair.
What is an Ultrasound Guided Injection? It is a small interventional procedure that involves injecting a steroid into the appropriate area using ultrasound to guide the needle. This injection is a therapeutic procedure, aiming to reduce musculo-skeletal p
Acupuncture generally involves several weekly or fortnightly treatments. Most courses consist of up to 12 sessions. A visit to an acupuncturist will involve an exam and an assessment of the patient's condition, the insertion of needles, and advice on self


                        Nagen                                                                         Premi  

                Clinical Director                                                         Director

                                                                                                                          Business and IT Manager                     


Sports Therapist

                               Jade                                Hari                                     Rob                                    Tony
     Physiotherapist               Physiotherapist                     Snr Osteopath                       Osteopath


  Jag                                                Nigel                                          Rebecca                                     Karen

 Homeopath                                     Life Coach                                     Receptionist                                   Receptionist





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